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Chicago....What a freaking weekend!!! (Saturday Edition Pt. II)

Soooooo...me again! Are you sick of me yet??? Well here's the last installment of my report. Which brings us to the Vic. We (my companions and I) had VIP tickets for the show. I didn't realize how close we would be able to get to the stage, but let me tell you I was literally resting my arms on the stage itself. I was afraid of being stepped on and Jessie almost tipped the speaker in front of him onto me! hahaha He just smiled sheepishly and shrugged after that one.

This was by far one of the GREATEST concerts I have ever attended in my life, and I've seen acts such as U2, Aerosmith...etc. They were soooooo animated and excited and playfull it made the show 1,000X's better!

Soooo Scott came out and replaced Hugh to do "Walking in Memphis" this song is like 3-4 minutes long, but I swear this renditon went WAY over 5...hahaha! Towards the end there the guys were essentially bowing to him!

So everyone's playing mid show and Jessie had dissapeared off stage. Next thing you know Bob has almost stopped what he was doing and is staring and pointing at the balconey. So naturally everyone turns around and Jessie is up on the playing his fiddle. That was an OMFG moment between worrying he would fall and how FREAKING cool it was!

(I wasn't the only one impressed)

Then Scotty starts singing "Oh Darling" and starts approaching where I'm standing and proceeds to sings to me, right down to holding my hand. As he's getting up the sneaky little man stole my favorite Coach purse that I had placed in front of me to keep my hands free to shoot the show!!! LOL...

Towards the end of the show when Hugh and Greg started arguing over the state of Hugh "Pee-an-ey" I wished I would of had the foresight to video tape it instead of just laughing hysterically. The first time Greg insisted the piano was broken Hugh actually disagreed with him this time. 2 seconds later his keyboard no longer worked. So Hugh tries running across the stage to the organ, as he gets there the stage guys had fixed his keyboard so he went running back. They start the bit again and again Hugh begs to differ with him and insists there is nothing wrong with his piano...again at this point it stops working. The guys are cracking up and Greg is muttering something about the bit backfiring when they fix again finally. And Greg finally goes "I told you there was something wrong with that Fucking piano" OMG...the whole band and the entire crowd lost it!!! We were all howling with laughter.

(Broken Pee-An-Ey getting fixed the first time)

Like I said...one of the best show EVER!!!

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